About the Project

Europe faces severe population ageing in the near future. A new vision of ageing and promotion of positive possibilities in older age is needed. The challenge is how to transfer this vision into practice. Higher education institutions have a crucial role in meeting this challenge.

This project promotes European cooperation and exchange of innovation and good practice related to the ageing population and to the educational preparation of those that work with older people. The project reconstructs the diverse educational approach by developing a European Competences Framework for working with the older people, sharing innovation in teaching and identifying factors that influence students in choosing to work with older people thus strengthening the quality of higher education for professions providing care for older people.

The project directly targets educators and management staff at the partners and other higher education institutions in Europe. The indirect target groups are the students, professional communities and older people themselves.

The consortium will conduct analyses of competencies required of personnel working with older people from the viewpoint of literature, research, professionals, students and older people themselves. The results will be exploited in the development of higher educational curricula, as well as the promotion of a more positive vision of working with older people through national and European networks.

The European Competences Framework, along with best practice in teaching will improve the quality of education for health and social care professionals and positively influence their motivation to work with older people. Thus, the impact of ELLAN consists of better education, enhanced mobility of personnel and improved older people's care in Europe.

This project has been funded with the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union.