The duration of the ELLAN Project is 36 months (1.10.2013-30.9.2016) and the work plan of the project is composed of ten (10) work packages (WPs). The contents of the main work packages are:

  1. Literature review and desk research will be conducted in order to explore the competences required in older people's care, especially focused on the European situation (WP3).
  2. Research to explore older people's perceptions and ideas about the required and desired competences of professionals working with the population in their later life (WP4).
  3. Research and analysis of professionals' (working with older people) views on the competences required in working with older people (WP5).
  4. Research and analysis of the factors that influence health and social care students' views of older people and working with older people (WP 6).
  5. Research aiming to gain insight how education should be organised to encourage students to choose to work with older people. Consequently, best practices and innovative teaching and learning methods will be identified, and exemplars of good practices will be provided (WP7).
  6. A European Competences Framework for working with older people in health and social work will be formulated. (WP8)