First progress meeting

The first progress meeting of ELLAN was held on 10.-11. Novembet 2014 in Groningen, the Netherlands. During the meeting the proceeding of different Work Packages was discussed. It was agreed that the work in each of the Work Packages is in good progess and the final results of each WP will be available in April 2015 meaning that the planning of a European Core Competences framework for working with older people can start according to the schedule.

The current situation of each content WP is as follows:

WP 3. Literature review (this document updated minorly in the beginning of 2015) in different countries has been completed and preliminary analysis is completed as well; modification of the review is still going on.

WP 4. Older people's view about the competences. Interviews of older people have been completed in partner countries. Analysis is going on. The preliminary results of Portugal were presented.

WP 5. Professionals' views about the competences. Data gathering by questionnaires have been completed in some countries, in some countries it is still going on. The preliminary results of two countries were presented.

WP 6. Students views. The data gathering (two questionnaires) has been completed. The preliminary results were presented.

WP 7. Innovative learning approaches.. The data has been collected. The analysis is going on. The preliminary results were presented.

The dissemination and exploitation plans and current situation were discussed. During the second day of the meeting, an info-session for stakeholders was organised.

The quality assurance is an important part of the project. The focus group discussions as well as a questionnaire for self-assessment were implemented.