The project is to share and distribute good practice and innovation related to Ageing. The desired outcome of the project is better quality of higher education related to the care of people in later life.
The main aim of the project is to develop an agreed Core European Competences Framework for working with older people.

The main aim will be achieved by

  • discovering older people's thoughts on the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of health and social care professionals when working with older people,
  • analysing research and literature on competences required in older people's care,
  • exploring professionals' views of desired competences for all working with older people

In addition, the project aims to positively influence health and social care professionals' interest in working with older people, this will be achieved by

  • exploring with students of social and health care, the factors that inhibit or facilitate working with older people
  • identifying and sharing innovative learning approaches to working with older people – exemplars of good practices across Europe.