ELLAN partners have contacted eg. below mentioned stakeholders/assoaciations/institutions in order to disseminate projects results:

Date Partner Contact with
Continued Contact
Ireland Irish Gerontological Society
Ireland All Ireland Gerontological Nurses Association
Ireland COLLAGE (Collaboration on Ageing) Ireland
The Netherlands Dutch Associations for Nurses
The Netherlands ZONmw Nationaal programma Ouderenzorg
The Netherlands SAC Gezondheidszorg HBO –raad
The Netherlands Centre of Expertise Healthy Ageing, educational partners
The Netherlands Tinten, Healthcare institute
The Netherlands De Zijlen, Healthcare institute
The Netherlands Zuid Oost Zorg, Healthcare institute
The Netherlands National p[latform social work education
The Netherlands National platform pedagocical care education
The Netherlands NHL UAS (University of Applied Sciences, Leeuwarden)
The Netherlands Minister of Health and minister of Education
Portugal Portuguese Association of Nursing
Portugal Portuguese Association of Physiotherapy
Portugal Portuguese Association of Speech Therapy
Denmark Municipality of Aalborg and Hjoerring
Denmark Danish Association of Physiotherapy
Denmark Subinstitution to the Danisk Institute of Gerontology
Denmark Danish Association of Elderly (AeldreSagen)
2014 Romania Association for Eeconomic and Regional Development – A.D.E.R (Romania)
June 2014 Austria EduCARE a Regional provider of nursing education in Austria
June 2014 Austria GuK Schulen, Villach/Austria ,Regional provider of nursing education
June 2014 Austria Lernkunst, Graz an Adult Education Center in Austria
June 2014 Denmark Danish Institute of Gerontology
July 2014 Croatia Danube networkers, European network of educators in Third Age Universities, presentation of ELLAN by Croatia
September 2014 Greece Hellenic Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics
October 2014 Croatia Croatian Ministry of Health, new educational program
October 2014 Greece 50+ Hellas, national network
October 2014 Croatia Institute of Public Health, Croatia
October 2014 Greece WeDO2, national network
October 2014 Croatia Croatian Andragogy Society
November 2014 The Netherlands Zorg Innovatie Forum, Regional Network
December 2014 Finland, Savonia ECVET for elderly care, Finland
2015 Romania Regional Asociation for Adult Edication in Romania
2015 Romania Bucovina Tourism Association (Romania)
2015 Switzerland COHERE – International Network / Education, Switzerland
2015 Switzerland Istanbul governship /Istanbul directorate for social policies, Switzerland
January 2015 Finland Savonia AGE Platform Europe, International Network in Finland
January 2015 Finland, Karelia North Karelia centre for social security
January 2015 Finland, Karelia The Eastern Finland centre of expertise
February 2015 Estonia Nursing Care Providers' Union, Estonia
February 2015 Estonia Estonian Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics
February 2015 Lithuania Association "Šviesuva", Kaunas Lithuania
February 2015 Greece Hellenic National Nurses Association
April 2015 Finland /Savonia Contact to all finish Universities of Applied Sciences and ELLAN Material (leaf letters and Information) distributed
April 2015 Portugal International Network about Education, Cohere Conference
May 2015 Croatia Center for Gerontology
June 2015 Lithuania Lithuanian Association of Occupational Therapy
June 2015 Lithuania Nursing Board in Ministry of Health of The Republic of Lithuania
June 2015 Greece Representatives of School of Health Sciences Departements (Medicine, Nursing and Dendistry)
June 2015 Croatia Hrvatska udruga socijalnih radnika/Croatian Association of Social Workers
June 2015 Croatia EAEA (European Adult Education Association)
July 2015 Croatia Hrvatska udruge medicinskih sestara/Croatian Nurses Association
October 2015 Denmark Association of OT`S working within Geriatrics and Gerontology in Denmark
October 2015 Denmark Danish Association of Occupational Therapy
October 2015 Denmark Board of the OT department at UCN, Regional board for Northern Denmark
October 2015 Finland, Karelia Network of social service education in Univertisities of Applied Sciences in Finland
October 2015 Denmark National board of all head of OT educational departments in Denmark
November 2015 Denmark National Danish Gerontological and Geriatric Society for Physiotherapists  
November 2015 United Kingdom Local professionals group in North West UK
November 2015 Croatia Hospital centre, Sv. Duh
2016 Switzerland Swiss nursing association - (National professional association)
2016 Switzerland IUFFP - Swiss Federal Institute for VET
2016 Switzerland DFP (Divisione formazione professionale) Ticino region, Switzerland
January 2016 Lithuania Republican Hospital of Kaunas, Lithuania
January 2016 Lithuania Kaunas Clinical Hospital, Lithuania
January 2016 Turkey Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey
January 2016 Croatia Nursing home Sv. Ana,
January 2016 Croatia Hospital center Dubrava
February 2016 Croatia Nursing home Medveščak
February 2016 Croatia Nursing home Maksimir
March 2016 Croatia Nursing home Sv.Josip
June 2016 Denmark Danish Association of Nursing
June 2016 Denmark Danish institution of gerontology
July 2016 Croatia Ministy of Labour and pension system, Croatia
July 2016 Croatia City of Zagreb, Croatia
July 2016 Croatia City of Ozalj, Croatia
July 2016 Croatia Agency for vocational Education and Training and Adult Education, Croatia
September 2016 Denmark University College of Northern Denmark
September 2016 Denmark Aarhus Municipality, Health and Care department, Center for quality
September 2016 Denmark Danish Association of Occupational Therapy
September 2016 Ireland The competency framework and work of ELLAN has been shared with the National Clinical Programme Office for Older People in Ireland. This programme aims is to improve and standardize the quality of care for older people in Ireland. This is a very strategic office with strong links to policy in relation to Older People. Yesterday I was informed that they were very impressed with our competency framework. 
October 2016 Greece Representatives of Health and Social Care Professionals Of Technological Education Institutes (Nursing, Social Work, Pysiotherapy, Occupational Therapy)