A national seminar day in Finland

A national ELLAN seminar day was held on 18 April 2016 in Kuopio, Finland. The results of ELLAN were presented for the teachers of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. The participants were very interested in the results of ELLAN and the European Core Competences Framework will be benefited in curricula planning in different Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland.

The ELLAN´s second progress meeting

The ELLAN´s second progress meeting was held in Maribor, Slovenia 23rd and 24th September 2015. The results of content work packages (ELLAN WP 3-7) were presented and discussed. Those findings form the basis for the European Core Competences Framework (ECCF), ELLAN´s main outcome. The plans of the ECCF were reflected and agreed how to proceed with the work around it.

Also an “info-day -part” was arranged during the meeting to engage local / national key persons to strengthen results´ dissemination and surely to reflect their viewpoints and important notices for the project work. See more on here.

Participants also had a privilege to meet and discuss with Mr. Marjan Sedmak, president of the Age Platform Europe. Many issues relating to challenges of ageing were reflected as well as importance of cooperation within institutions/actors. ELLAN cooperates with the Age Plaform Europe in order to disseminate and exploit important results and finally the ECCF.



 Most of the ELLAN meeting day participants



small group


Working in small groups to give feedback of the first draft version of the European Core Competences Framework (ECCF)





Kick off meeting held in Brussels


The kick-off-meeting of ELLAN project was held on 25th - 26th November 2013 in Brussels.  Main aim for this meeting was to ensure that all partners have a complete and clear picture what will be done during next three years, when, how and by whom. There were over 30 participants from 25 countries planning their work in ELLAN more in detail. The meeting was also the first step for ELLANs ten work packages to start their action, see more on About the project.



Project manager Ms Irma Mikkonen presenting the ELLAN project plan.


ELLAN partners from Spain, Belgium, Lithuania and Romania.



Austrian participants listening to the formal framework of the project.



Worpackage 6 planning their action, How to examine the factors that influence health and social care students'  views of older people and working with older people. Led by  Dr. Alice Coffey, Ireland.

The ELLAN´s first progress meeting

The ELLAN´s first progress meeting was held in Groningen, Netherlands on 10th and 11th November 2014. The consortium discussed and conducted the next planned steps toward developing the European Core Competences Framework for working with older people: project progress so far;  implementation of quality assurance protocols, strong co-operation with partners and associate partners in certain overlapping tasks.