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ELLAN´s progress post

The first out of three running year of ELLAN project will soon go to an end. ELLAN has proceeded well with a will and expertise of all the partners and it has received plenty of interest in its various presentations done so far. The European-wide, transcultural approach has been sympathized as well as the ambitious aim of the project, to develop a useful framework of competences (ECCF, European Core Competences Framework). So the dissemination of the project has started fine.

The importance of dissemination was underlined among other essential factors for successful project management in Erasmus coordinator´s meeting, held on January 2014. That is where ELLAN, as well as other Erasmus funded project, received a lot of crucial guidance for its progress and management.

After agreeing and planning project progress more in detail in Kick off meeting and online meetings, the project partners have conducted research work as planned by (please see more from Developing the ECCF):

  • literature review and desk research of competences required in older people’s care
  • interviews for older people about their views on competences of health and social care professionals
  • questionnaire for professionals’ views on competences
  • questionnaire for social and health care students’ opinion of factors influencing working with older people
  • desk research and survey for innovative learning approaches to working with older people

Analysis work of the research and studies above is in progress right now and will continue to the beginning of year 2015. However, we are looking forward to hear about preliminary results of these bases of becoming ECCF.

ELLAN in Karelia UAS Newsletter

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ELLAN in Karelia UAS Newsletter

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